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住宅空间, 样板间

无象设计 | 北京龙湖景粼原著合院样板间

LOFT中国感谢来自 无象空间建筑设计?的住宅项目案例分享:



Beijing Sunhe central villa area’s The Orient Original locates in Sunhe Village by the Wenyu River. Looking back at history, Yao and Shun, the two leaders of ancient China, had settled in Youzhou. The Wenyu River is a confluence of countless springs, which is called “water of hundreds springs”, also known as “Yu-shui”, meaning “river of the imperial capital”. The Wenyu River Basin belongs to Youzhou and is the district of the “Emperor”, and it is considered as the mother river of Sunhe Village.


The Orient Original, as a noble villa area with a blend of international culture, is a place where you can find the past and the present’s context. In the landscape embracing courtyard Zhuo-qing-yuan’s Showroom, designers of Wuxiang Space Architecture Design Studio linked the Chinese style’s inner elegant with the traditional scholar’s spiritual calmness, elaborately created an oriental spatial conception, highlighted the life of the celebrities, and granted the modern elite a richer life experience.







Oriental Spatial Conception
In modern rational society, Chinese aesthetics has profound implications. The simplicity and serenity, those travel through times with long-standing beauty, are spatial inheritance based on cultural and spiritual connotation.


In the design of the open living room, Wuxiang Space Architecture Design Studio shielded overmuch color, and adopted modern design language to deconstruct the “Mountain of the Emperor” on the main background. The perfect combination of cloisonne and brass, the lush color of the blue and green landscape painting style living room, the ethereal beauty of the wavy mountains, are elegantly interpreting the capital’s mountain of Sunhe, as well as the traditional cultural trends, which reflect the contemporary aristocratic qualities.




设计师将5mm 厚黄铜板边框,黄铜板激光切割,焊接,打磨,表面做仿旧处理的黄铜定制屏风,以及黄铜盆、景台……层层仿古元素的提炼,融合现代的丰盈与传统的深邃,力求带给空间丰富的文化深度,营造出彬然儒雅的居室风貌。这里的每个空间,每个立面都有其表达语境、功能性及展示性,彰显设计师对传统元素的解剖,对时代需求的诠释。

The designers refined antique elements, such as 5mm thick brass plate frame, laser cutting brass plate, welding, polishing, brass custom screen with vintage style surface, brass basin, and bonsai stand, blending modern abundance with traditional profoundness, to bring a rich cultural depth to the space and create a warm and elegant living room.Each space and facade here has its own context, functionality and demonstration, which demonstrates the designer’s comprehension of the traditional elements and the interpretation of the modern needs.






Noble Life of the Scholars
For thousands of years, Chinese scholars have some common characteristics: The proficient learning of poetry, literature, music, calligraphy, and painting, as well as the fastidious taste of tea and wine. The noble life style of the scholars is an integration with the highly aesthetic taste, which could not be patched by simple pieces of furniture.






The simple space gives people a sense of happiness and self-satisfaction like returning to nature, such as the traditional and welcoming tea table, as well as the Chinese-style furnishings with lush branches. The poetry of living has become a beautiful and engaging landscape.The ecological concept of natural integration and harmony demonstrates the exquisite layout and shifting sceneries, while creating the most suitable lifestyle in the temperament space without losing the traditional charm.






The overall master bedroom design presents a visual appearance of elegance and cleanliness. The brown walnut finish, blending with rose gold stainless steel in details, is elegant, introverted and refreshing. Chinese-style parquet cabinets and natural cloud pattern carpets, are rendered by subtle touches of traditional culture. It is inadvertently in spiritual harmony with the ancient scholars when cultivating sentiment.




盈盈自然光透过白色的纱帘,为空间带来一种安静祥和的氛围。一幅中式屏风,花鸟写意之间,自然灵韵悄然而出。不张扬 ,不浮夸,却尽显简约之奢华。

Shining through the white gauze, the abundant natural light brings a quiet and peaceful atmosphere to the space, while the natural charm is quietly unfolded by Chinese-style screen, along with painting of flowers and birds which are not assuming or exaggerated, but show the luxury from simplicity.


The extraction of the peacock feather elements “King of the Birds”, is suitable for aristocratic identity. The elegant golden color artistic pattern with gold foil and kingfisher’s feather reflects the gentleman’s temperament while outlining the hostess’s aesthetic and graceful lifestyle.


The bamboo leaf theme screen in the senior bedroom combines elegant gray silk wall covering and brass edge with the copper bamboo table lamp, creating a simple and clean space for peaceful mind, to enjoy the serenity and joy of life, while looking for the most authentic leisurely state of life in daily life.






The delicate and gentle furnishing demonstrates the noble’s discreet and hermit-like attitude towards life, while expressing their spiritual freedom and honorable social life.





“文化最重要的意义,在于把人们共有的原始记忆,超越时代流传下去。而设计,不止是营造一个空间,更是生活发生的场所和一个精神文化的载体。”作为别墅居住灵魂的地下室,无象设计将这架 P51 野马战斗机搬了进去,整体空间围绕这架野马展开了航空文化的演绎。

Creation of the Aviation Theme
“The most important value of culture is to spread the original common memories beyond times. And the aim of design is not only to create a space, but also a place where life takes place and spiritual culture is carried. ” The designer installed P-51 Mustang fighter in the basement, where is the soul of the villa, and demonstrated the aviation culture in the whole space around the plane.




具有时代感的休息区家具,波音 737 发动机整流罩吧台,一派动感奢华情韵尽出。机翼长餐台,PT-17 教练机型号 R670 发动机墙面装置,以及凹龛内具有二战时期风格的装饰画,材质模拟真机,铆钉细节处理,流露出航空艺术造境的美感。

The contemporary seating area furniture uses Boeing 737 engine fairing as the bar design inspiration, to create a dynamic and luxury rhyme. All design elements reveal the beauty of aviation art, such as the long dining table with wing, PT-17 trainer model R670 engine wall decoration, and the decorative painting with World War II style in the concave, with material that simulates the real plane and detail processing rivets.





Here, along with the spaces, the infinitely broad art world is brought to the visitors in a clear, elegant and fearless aesthetic attitude, with the most intuitive sense of sight and experience.Revealing the subtlety in detail, while exhibiting the aura with subtlety, the designer made artistic treatments on the white lacquered board, brass and other materials, using a few color blocks to present the artistic interpretation of the nautical map, while showing the charm of times.


This place can be a spiritual territory for the leaders of the times, with enough space, enough daylighting, and enough comfort, that can accommodate any tiny savor or big dream, celebrate cultural ingenuity and subtle beauty, as a metaphor of the celebrities’ noble life.




? 平面图 plan


设计面积:650 ㎡

Project Name: Longfor Beijing The Orient Original Courtyard Showroom
Client: Beijing Zhaotai Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd.
Location: Beijing Sunhe The Orient Original
Design Firm: Wuxiang Space Architecture Design Studio
Chief Architect: WANG Yong
Design Team: ZHU Chen-xu, ZHANG Gui-ying, TAN Wei
Area: 650 ㎡
Design Year: April, 2016
Construction Year: August, 2016
Promotion Team: CUI Brand
Photographs: Beijing Fujue Photo


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